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The KSWC design and development team can provide engineering services for all of your downhole needs.

We have over 30 years of development and operational experience in multiple areas of down-hole design, including manufacturing test equipment, open-hole, cased hole completion services, auxiliary hardware, and micro-seismic.

KSWC uses SolidWorks Premium for our modeling and design, and SolidWorks Simulation Pro to perform detailed FEA analysis. Our capabilities range from consultation to design and drawing packages to complete tool design and assembly.

Daily coordination with the machinist provides a unique perspective into the manufacturability of any design. This is reflected in the timeliness and quality of our products.

With four mechanical engineers on staff, our engineering team excels in all areas of timely down-hole tool development and products. KSWC President George King has managed multiple development projects, including resistivity, nuclear, acoustic, and electromechanical engineering.